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Betsey Browne aus Connecticut

Saturday, 17-06-17 20:24

Want your body to be willing, not even multiply capital, simply eliminate interest.


Edy Lawsen aus brazil

Saturday, 17-06-17 19:46

Give to the one you love:
Wings to fly,
Roots to return and
Reasons to stay.


Gustavo Moraes aus Brasil

Saturday, 17-06-17 19:42

If you can not fly, run. If you can not run, walk. If you can not walk, crawl, but keep moving forward anyway.
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Gustavo Moraes aus Brasil


Gustavo Moraes aus Brasil

Saturday, 17-06-17 19:38

When you have tasted the sensation of flying, you will walk on earth with your eyes turned to the sky, for there you have been and there you will wish to return.


Caroline Gomes aus Brazil

Saturday, 17-06-17 15:51

Really nice blog, amazing pictures
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Alisa Ewert aus Australia

Saturday, 17-06-17 09:53

We all know health is weight, The best guideline for healthy life. Let's share it as much as we can.


Edward Bynes aus Australia

Friday, 16-06-17 13:14

Useful info shared loved it.


Secretaria Remota Assistente Virtual

Thursday, 15-06-17 16:00

I love flying that way!


Matrizes de Bordados

Thursday, 15-06-17 05:07

I really enjoyed your tips. Thanks for sharing