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Joseph Carl aus Brasil

Friday, 09-02-18 16:36

When I was 17 I went to parachuting and to this day in my 50s I have never experienced such emotion.


Alan Jung aus Brasil

Friday, 09-02-18 16:31

Simply beautiful is the permission we have from God for the purpose of all that life can offer us.


Adam Alexander aus Brasil

Friday, 09-02-18 16:27

If in life we can choose our attitudes and directions. I really want to be part of this wonderful universe of flying. Hug!!!


Hudson kauss aus Brasil

Friday, 09-02-18 16:20

I love this space. I've always wanted to jump from parachute and I think the moment is finally coming.


Consultoria em segurança do trabalho sp aus Brasil

Thursday, 08-02-18 19:58

One of the best sensations I've ever experienced and I'm sure to do it again.


Matheus Froito

Thursday, 08-02-18 18:41

Nice, i wish i'd read that sooner!


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Thursday, 08-02-18 13:51

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Thursday, 08-02-18 10:26

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Thursday, 08-02-18 05:47

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Filipe Iorio aus Brasil

Wednesday, 07-02-18 23:08