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Finley Theo aus Argentina

Wednesday, 31-05-17 14:20

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Tuesday, 30-05-17 22:54

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Cynthia Waveii aus New York

Tuesday, 30-05-17 08:47

Marital life might grave accent on cherish, if you aren't getting wed, love is also defunct not have any sitting-space.


Marina Mendes aus Antwort

Tuesday, 30-05-17 01:56

People, jump chute is on the list of my greatest dreams.


Joel Romero aus fiji

Monday, 29-05-17 22:51

I fly from parapent here on the hills of my city. One of my dreams is parachute jumping. I'm almost fulfilling my dream.


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Monday, 29-05-17 11:48

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Dave Dhinbil aus Minnesota

Saturday, 27-05-17 08:55

Life is as one emotionality, glad will be every comedy, depressed can a tragedy, ones demands in the soul to become childhood matinee idol dramatic event!


CAio S aus dfsd

Saturday, 27-05-17 07:31

REcomendo esse site para todos meus amigos, conteudo muito bom.


Whiskers567 Ni aus usa

Saturday, 27-05-17 04:32

Skydiving ist der coolste Sport der Welt, sehr faszinierend.